Frequently Asked Questions
Where Are You?
Do you do commission work?
Can you do Disney orMarvel ?
How does personalisation work?
Turn around time?
Can I supply my own item?

Q: Do you do Disney's Frozen or the Avengers?

A: No, due to copyright laws we will not risk stitching or producing something we do not have the image rights for.

Q: Can I supply my own item?

A: Yes, although we would rather not, if any damage comes to an item that is irreplaceable then it's difficult to resolve, using products we source puts the risk with us if it doesn't work out, and makes it easier for us to replace.

Q: Can you change the name on the order I just placed? Or even better add a name to one that doesn't have it in the picture?

A: Yes we can add names, and alter designs, but you'll need to respect our advice. If we say it will clash or look out of place it's advisable to take our recommendations as we know our machines and capabilities better than anyone. 

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